An affordable, weighted blanket can reduce stress and bring peace to your life.

Reduce Stress With a Weighted Blanket

We handcraft each weighted blanket to give you the peace you need. Weighted blankets reduce symptoms of everything from autism to insomnia. We all struggle with the weight of life. Fortunately, something as simple as the weight of a blanket can provide significant relief.

Medical Grade Products

Bacteria and fungus resistant and fluid-proof, medical grade products are perfect for a hospital setting, or simply for home use. Medical grade blankets, pads, and throws come in two colors, Royal blue or Teal – royal blue comes in rubber or cloth and teal comes in rubber.

Fleece Weighted Products

A popular, fuzzy fabric, fleece is a quintessential warm, soft material. Available in a variety of different colors and styles, our fleece weighted blankets, pads, and throws are comfortable and peaceful.

Giving You Peace Through a Weighted Blanket

Your weighted blanket can reduce symptoms of:






SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

Down Syndrome

Insomnia & Restlessness

Easy Ordering

Order our weighted blankets, lap pads, or throws online through our secure checkout system. We’ll ship stress relief right to your door.

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Weighted Blanket Testimonials

“I just wanted to extend another HUGE THANKS for making Lydia’s blanket and just for being so kind and understanding!!! What a HUGE difference in Lydia’s sleeping at night!!”


“Purchasing my weighted blanket from Peaceful Product was the best thing I have ever done. I explained what I wanted and she found a way to personalize it just for me.”

Amy S.

“My daughter loves her blanket!  It seems to be very calming and she turns to it fairly often to feel better.  I feel happy that I decided to get one!  Thank you so much for handling it so quickly!”