About Peaceful Product

Read the story of how we got started, and find out what benefits our weighted products have to offer for many different symptoms.

How it All Began

Hello! As the owner of Peaceful Product, LLC, wife, and mother of two amazingly talented and gifted young ladies (along with two wonderful step-children), I have also had the fortunate experience of working with many different children over the past 21 years at my in-home daycare.

My oldest daughter was my inspiration for making weighted blankets. Since she was 4 months old, I can remember her having times of inconsolable screaming fits for hours at a time ~ yet she was not colicky. Most times it was due to being overwhelmed. This went on for years without a true understanding of why it was happening. As she got older and started elementary school, she would come home most days and throw herself on the floor and have a meltdown for a couple of hours. During those years, I found the only thing that would calm her was having me hold her tightly and hugging her. For the most part, this would calm her down. However, as she grew older, we discovered that she didn’t want to be touched. Therefore, hugging was no longer an option. As a mother, I felt lost. I knew hugging her would calm her ~ but she was no longer allowing this to happen.

My daughter has been ahead developmentally and academically since she was a baby. For example, she was tying her shoes at 2 1/2 years old and could tell me her state capitals at the age of 3. In elementary school, she was in the program for gifted children and in advanced classes as well.

The summer that my daughter was 9 was a huge turning point for all of us. She started regressing and isolating herself in order to control her environment. On very muggy 90 degree days, she would cover herself completely with long pants, shirts, and sweatshirts all while “hot dog” wrapping herself in a blanket. In the meantime, she would cry that she was too hot. I would ask her take off some of her warm clothes, but she said she simply couldn’t. At this time, she was also experiencing major anxiety throughout the night time. These nights were sleepless for all of us. I wanted to help my daughter and knew that something needed to be done sooner rather than later. Examinations and evaluations only led to more frustrations. The main response was to medicate her. I disagreed. Therefore, I took matters into my own hands and began countless hours of research in order to best help my daughter.

One day I decided to google “gifted children” and BINGO! There it was…Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Unaware of what this disorder meant, I dove even further into research only to find that it described my daughter perfectly. I was so excited to have finally put a name to what was occurring. With a name, help would soon be on its way. My daughter started in Occupational Therapy. This process allowed for her diagnosis and tools to help her function successfully every day. One of the most critical tools was a weighted blanket.

With more research, I came to the realization that weighted blankets were quite costly. As a single mother, at that time, I couldn’t not afford the most useful tool to help my daughter. This was the time when my faith took over. I promised to God that if He helped provide a weighted blanket for my daughter, I would learn to make and sell weighted blankets. For Christmas that very year, our church gifted my daughter a weighted blanket. She started using the blanket immediately. Within a week, she was a different person all together.

I continued to learn about SPD as much as I could through the internet and books. The more I learned, the more amazed I was that SPD affected not only my oldest daughter but my younger one as well. It had also affected me throughout my life. Finally, I saw the light!!! I understood why I needed things a certain way in order to effectively function in my daily life.

Now that we had a weighted blanket for my daughter, it was time for me to learn how to create these blankets for others. I was motivated by my promise to God. Not to mention, my other daughter and I both were looking forward to having our own blankets. After hard work and dedication, I can now produce a product of which I am very proud. Thankfully, I have been making blankets that have overwhelmingly pleased my customers.

God is Good!

Benefits of Weighted Blanket Therapy

Weighted blankets provide relief for many symptoms. Everything from anxiety/depression to ADHD to autism can be aided with the positive benefits of weighted blanket use.

Benefits of Weighted Blanket Use Include Stress Relief, Peace, and Happiness

Our modern world is wonderful in many ways. Access to clean water, technology, and literacy is at an all-time high. Worldwide violence is at an all-time low. Unfortunately, the pros of the modern world come with a variety of cons. Bright lights, endless busyness, and always-on technology takes its toll on our peace.

In the midst of this flashing, ceaseless, tumultuous world, peace is what we seek to find. Those who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or other symptoms (and isn’t that all of us?) often find this world overwhelming.

Weighted blankets are a modern solution to our modern stressors. They provide a peaceful feeling, like a warm, safe hug. Providing input to our deep pressure touch sensors, weighted blankets can help us feel snug and safe. Weighted blankets have been scientifically shown to decrease the symptoms of many struggles. Anything from autism to down’s syndrome to depression to insomnia can quiet its noise.

Unfortunately, for most people, the natural solution of a weighted blanket has been out of reach. Weighted blankets are expensive and little-known. This is why we created Peaceful Product. We wanted to bring the natural peace of weighted blankets to the people. Creating our products at affordable rates means that anyone can have access to a night of peace. And providing advocacy for natural solutions helps spread the word.

Peaceful Product Weighted Blankets provide the peace you’re looking for. Lose yourself under the soothing deep touch of a weighted blanket.

Weighted Blankets Reduce Symptoms of:


“I just wanted to extend another HUGE THANKS for making Lydia’s blanket and just for being so kind and understanding!!! What a HUGE difference in Lydia’s sleeping at night!!”


“Purchasing my weighted blanket from Peaceful Product was the best thing I have ever done. I explained what I wanted and she found a way to personalize it just for me.”

Amy S.

“My daughter loves her blanket!  It seems to be very calming and she turns to it fairly often to feel better.  I feel happy that I decided to get one!  Thank you so much for handling it so quickly!”