Weighted Blankets for Insomnia

Insomnia is a frustrating condition of nighttime restlessness. It can steal your sleep and consequently, your peace. Fortunately, weighted blankets for insomnia can help give you the rest you need.

weighted blanket

Get Restful Sleep at Night With a Medical Grade Weighted Blanket for Insomnia

Those of us who struggle with insomnia are all too familiar with restless nights. “Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep” is the National Sleep Foundation’s definition of insomnia. (1) It is a frustrating condition. If you have insomnia, you may find your mind racing at night, preventing you from feeling peace. You may discover that even when you get sleep, it is not restful. You may sleep in short, disturbed periods. During the day, you may experience difficulty concentrating or low energy. This can harm your ability to engage at work, school, or social activities. Fortunately, weighted blankets for insomnia can provide relief.

Weighted blankets provide a feeling of deep pressure that mimics a hug. When people hug each other, the body releases oxytocin. This is a hormone that slows down the heartbeat, reduces blood pressure, and relaxes the body. Mimicking this sensation means a reduction in anxiety and an “at peace” feeling. (3) In addition to the natural relief that weighted blankets provide for insomnia, weighted blankets for anxiety treatment can help reduce anxious feelings before bedtime begins.

A Swedish study tested the effectiveness of weighted blankets for insomnia treatment. This four week study included 31 finishing participants. Each participant was measured based on an Insomnia Severity Index and an Epworth Sleepiness scale. During these four weeks, each participant slept for a week in their normal environment. This was the control for the experiment – and each participant was, as they had reported – afflicted with insomnia. During the second and third week, participants slept with a weighted blanket. They were allowed to alter their blanket’s weight to their comfort. For the fourth week of the study, participants slept normally, in their regular conditions. This way, researchers could measure the participant’s insomnia before and after the introduction of their weighted blanket.

weighted blanket
weighted blanket

This study showed that in both objective and subjective parameters, weighted blankets for insomnia treatment resulted in better sleep. Participants slept longer with a better quality of sleep, and they reported less sleepiness during the day. Overall, weighted blankets showed a significant improvement in insomnia symptoms among the 31 partitipants in the study. (3)


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