Why Use a Weighted Blanket for Autism?

While often fiercely intelligent, sensitive, and sweet, people with autism experience the world in a unique way. This can be stressful for both them and their parents, family, and friends. Something as simple as a weighted blanket for autism can bring peace and reduce autism symptoms.

weighted blanket for autism

Reduce Autism Symptoms With a Weighted Blanket for Autism

Autism is a complicated condition that can be difficult to define. Symptoms of autism exist on a broad spectrum. There is no known single cause, and since it is a developmental disability defined by behaviors, testing by a professional is necessary for a diagnosis. The Autism Society states that autism “affect(s) a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others”. (1) Certainly, people with autism experience the world in a different way. Living with a sense that you are a bit “different” from the people around you (don’t we all experience that?) can come with significant levels of stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can sometimes lead to the downward spiral of depression. This can be a difficult cycle for people with autism, their parents, and their friends. Fortunately, some simple changes can help to calm anxiety and reduce autism symptoms. A weighted blanket for autism can go a long way toward reducing symptoms.

The effect of pressure on the human body is powerful. While light touch / pressure alerts the nervous system, deep touch pressure has a relaxing, calming effect. Children with autism tend to prefer proximal sensory stimulation rather than distal. Proximal stimulation includes touching, tasting, smelling, and proprioception, while distal stimulation involves hearing or seeing. Weighted blankets, lap pads, or throws provide deep touch, proximal sensory stimulation that is calming to people with autism. As a woman with high functioning autism said, “I need heavy blankets on me to sleep well, or else my muscles won’t calm down.” (2)

The deep pressure of a weighted blanket is similar to a hug. It calms anxiety and releases oxytocin in the body, signaling that everything is alright. (3) For people with autism, weighted blankets can be a lifeline. For parents, teachers, and educators, weighted blankets can be a useful tool to help calm children with autism.

weighted blanket for autism spectrum disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder Weighted Blankets

Try using a weighted lap pad, weighted throw, or weighted blanket for autism symptom reduction. We hope you’ll find our weighted blankets as helpful as we do. Providing peace to your life is our mission.

Individuals using weighted blankets during sleeping hours should be able independently remove blankets from their body. Direct supervision is recommended during use.


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